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Free Strategic Guide

Identify and Reach your B2B Niche Market: 

10 Questions to Help you Draft a Successful Strategy

How industrial manufacturing, technology and scientific companies effectively connect with their ideal customers within highly targeted markets

When industrial manufacturing/technology/scientific companies focus on the right, targeted niche markets, they discover many advantages: (1) the company can dominate the specific niche market, (2) the company can become the expert and go-to specialist, and (3) niche markets are less sensitive to pricing.

This 14-page guide provides a high-level overview of the strategic planning involved in a lead generation campaign that targets narrowly defined markets. Download NicheMktg’s strategic guide to learn:

  • Why industrial, technology and scientific companies require a particular approach to lead generation
  • How to define your own niche B2B target market
  • What is and what is the role of a content marketing strategy
  • How to identify and reach targeted leads
  • How to capture sales intelligence information such as name, last name, industry, application, level of interest and other qualifying information - to help your Sales team shorten the buying cycle and close more deals.